PURE Sports Nutrition was started by brother and sister, Simon and Marewa Kraak. 

We started PURE Sports Nutrition in 2012 after failing to find natural sports nutrition products to train and race with. We both led fit and healthy lives but when it came to sports nutrition at that time everything was artificial and full of colours and cheap ingredients. No one was making decent natural sports nutrition products so we decided to develop our own.

“Our starting point with PURE Sports Nutrition was to say, what if we put the cost of ingredients aside and instead focused on how to make effective products using only the best ingredients? That 'what if' moment defined our whole business philosophy. Most sports nutrition products are way too sweet, hard to consume and are full of fake ingredients.  We wanted something natural and clean when we exercise so we developed our PURE Sports Nutrition range."

It's not hard to stand behind products when you put the time and effort into getting them right.  We are constantly improving what we do and will continue to bring out great New Zealand made products that make a difference to your performance and life.

Marewa is a qualified Sports & Exercise Nutritionist (Otago University), former New Zealand representative rower and elite road cyclist. Simon is a keen road cyclist and mountain biker.


We approach making new products a little differently than other companies. We do all our product development in-house and this means we can test many different ingredients and formulations quickly. We trial each of our products in training and racing before going to market and we listen to our customer feedback.  Put simply, if we don't like the taste and performance of a product, then we don't expect anyone else to like it either.

It takes a lot of time and effort to make a great product, constantly designing and refining. ‘Good’ products are easy to make but ‘great’ products take much longer. You really need to care about what you're creating and focus on every area of the product, from the best ingredients to the perfect formulation.

We're passionate about health sports nutrition and it's important to us that we only product innovative and healthy products.  We care about what goes into our body during exercise, so every ingredient we use is carefully selected for quality and sports science performance. We are proud to be New Zealand made, we have all our own plant and machinery in-house, this means we can make products locally and support New Zealand businesses.


When we first started retailing our products in the summer of 2012/13, we had one product - PURE Electrolyte Hydration - available in a few different flavours.  Things went well and thankfully, customers loved the product as much as we did!  So we started sending our product across the ditch to Australia fairly quickly after.

It soon became obvious that we needed more products in our range.  Both customers and retailers wanted products for before, during and after exercise.  In 2015 we launched our protein range (PURE Whey Protein, PURE Endurance Formula and PURE Exercise Recovery) followed closely with our additional recovery and pre-exercise range.  Exports to Singapore, Hong Kong and the Middle East started not long after.

With a commitment to manufacturing 100% of our products in New Zealand, perhaps our biggest challenge was launching our PURE Fluid Energy Gel range in late 2017.  With no machinery in New Zealand capable of making the gels in the style of the packaging we wanted, we made the investment to import and setup our own equipment specifically so that we could be proudly producing New Zealand made gels.  It took a lot of sweat (and maybe a few tears) but the end result is something we're really proud of.  And our customers seem to be happy with them too!

There's lots of exciting plans for our product range and we look forward to sharing them with you.


We stand by our products and want our customers and retailers to be as passionate about PURE Sports Nutrition products as we are.

If you have any questions or comments please get in touch with us.