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Collection: Hydration: Electrolyte Hydration vs. Endurance Formula

The main difference between these hydration ranges is the addition of whey protein isolate into the Endurance Formula as an additional fuel source for endurance exercise of 2 hours duration or more.


What hydration do i use when? 

For exercise sessions under 2 hours, PURE Electrolyte Hydration is adequate to help hydrate, supply carbohydrate and replace minerals lost in sweat. When undertaking strenuous exercise or for prolonged periods of exercise over 2 hours PURE Endurance Formula helps hydrate, supply carbohydrate, replace minerals lost in sweat and provides whey protein isolate to support tissue building and repair. 


Do i need to be exercising for over 2 hours to start using PURE Endurance Formula? 

No, if your session is over 2 hours then you can use PURE Endurance Formula from the beginning of the session. 


Does PURE Endurance Formula contain dairy? 

Yes, Whey protein Isolate contains a very small amount of lactose. It has less lactose than other types of protein due to the production process. As a result of processing, it has a high protein concentration. 


Comparison chart: 

  PURE Electrolyte Hydration 
PURE Endurance Formula

Size: 500g (makes 9 L) or 42g single-serve sachet (makes 750ml)  500g (makes 9 L) 
  • Lemon 
  • Orange 
  • Pineapple 
  • Raspberry 
  • Superfruits 
  • Orange
  • Raspberry 
Usage: Hydration (pre/during exercise) + carbohydrate supply + electrolyte replacement  Hydration (during exercise) + carbohydrate supply + electrolyte replacement + protein supply
CHO per 750ml: 37.5g 31.5g
Energy per 750ml:  150 kcal  158 kcal
Protein per 750ml:  0g 7.5g

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