PURE Energy Gels 35g Box (24 Gels)

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PURE Energy Gels 35g Box (24 Gels)

$95.76 NZD

PURE Energy Gels are a premium natural sports gel using real ingredients for flavour,  carbohydrates, and electrolytes.  Each inner box contains 24 x 35g PURE Energy Gels in your selected flavour.

  • similar consistency to traditional gels
  • Premium real ingredients 
  • Not sickly sweet or over flavoured
  • 22 - 23g carbohydrates per serve
  • Made in New Zealand

Available in 5 great flavours: Cola + 30mg caffeine, Espresso + 30mg caffeine, Orange lemon lime, Manuka Honey, Banana & Manuka Honey 

PURE Energy Gels were designed to fuel you during exercise in a no-fuss easy-to-use way.

Most sports gels on the market are hard to consume, taste artificial and are sickly sweet, making them difficult to use for long periods while racing and training.

    • Cola - With real Kola nut, lemon and 30mg caffeine. A great natural cola taste
    • Espresso - With real espresso coffee, each batch is unique as we use new coffee beans from around the world. The coffee origin is marked by the best before date. It's as close as we could get to a real espresso coffee. The 30mg caffeine in each gel comes from the espresso.
    • Manuka Honey - With real New Zealand premium manuka honey, it has a smooth caramel-honey taste with a hint of sea salt.
    • Orange Lemon Lime - With real orange lemon and lime fruit juices, this is a go-to flavour for any occasion. 
    • Banana & Manuka Honey - With real banana and  New Zealand premium manuka honey, it has a smooth banana-honey flavour with a buttery aftertaste

We hope you enjoy our latest range of sports gels for training and racing.

RECOMMENDED USE: Use 15 minutes before activity, then every 30-40 minutes during exercise. Always use gel with 200-300ml of fluids to help prevent gastrointestinal upset. Maximum daily intake 10 servings.

NUTRITION: Please refer to product photos for nutrition details. Or click here:

PURE Energy Gels 35g - Manuka Honey 

PURE Energy Gels 35g - Orange Lemon Lime 

PURE Energy Gels 35g - Espresso 

PURE Energy Gels 35g - Banana & Manuka Honey 

If you have any questions on this product or how it is used, please get in contact with our friendly team for help:

Email: sales@puresportsnutrition.com

NZ Freecall: 0800 773 732

Australia Freecall: 1300 736 711

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