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The sample pack contains 5 x PURE Fluid Energy Gels, one of each flavour: Raspberry Caffeine, Orange, Apple & Cinnamon, Lemon Lime Caffeine and Mango.

Designed for use during exercise, the PURE Fluid Energy Gels are a highly practical way to provide a fast energy boost in easy to open packaging.

  • Real ingredients.  No artificial colours of flavours.
  • Proudly made in New Zealand.
  • Each 50g Fluid Energy gel contains 25g - 26g of carbohydrates for energy and 30mg sodium.

PURE Fluid Energy Gels were designed to fuel you during exercise in a no fuss easy to use way.


Flavoured with real fruit and fruit juices, when you use this gel the first thing you’ll notice is the amazing taste of real fruit and how easy it is to consume. The gel is not sickly sweet (no added fructose) and is light in consistency, with water already added, making them easier to consume while exercising and racing.
Most sports gels on the market are thick, hard to consume and are sickly sweet making them difficult to use for long periods while racing and training.

We took everything we disliked about normal gels and used this as a base for our Fluid Energy Gels.

We flavour our gels with real fruit juices, concentrates and purees, this makes them taste “real” with no nasty aftertastes.

We made our gels more fluid so they are easier to consume on the go. You can take our gels in one mouthful while exercising without the chewing associated with normal gels.

The end result is a natural easy to use sports gel that’s perfect for training and racing.


RECOMMENDED USE: Use 15 minutes prior to activity, then every 30-40 minutes during exercise. Maximum daily intake 10 serves. 

Formulated Supplementary Sports Food (Apple Cinnamon, Mango, Orange): This food is not a sole source of nutrition and should be used in conjunction with a nutritious diet and an appropriate exercise program.

SUPPLEMENTED FOOD (Raspberry Caffeine, Lemon Lime Caffeine): Contains caffeine.  Not recommended for children, pregnant or lactating women, or individuals sensitive to caffeine.  This food is not a sole source of nutrition and should be used in conjunction with a nutritious diet and an appropriate exercise program.

Warning: Children under 15 years & pregnant or lactating women should use only under medical or dietetic supervision.

NUTRITION: Please refer to product photos for nutrition details. Or click here:

PURE Fluid Energy Gels 50g - Raspberry + 30mg caffeine

PURE Fluid Energy Gels 50g - Lemon Lime + 30mg caffeine 

PURE Fluid Energy Gels 50g - Mango 

PURE Fluid Energy Gels 50g - Apple Cinnamon 

PURE Fluid Energy Gels 50g - Orange 

If you have any questions on this product or how it use it please get in contact with us.


New Zealand Free Phone: 0800 773 732

Other Countries Phone: +64 3 366 0922

Live Chat: Between the hours of 8.30am – 9.30pm NZST

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