The main difference in our gel ranges is the consistency, the Fluid Gel Range is liquid in consistency whereas the Energy Gel Range is closer to a traditional gel thickness (although not as thick as most other gels). This means the Fluid Gel Range is slightly larger at 50g vs. the Energy gel range at 35g. We designed the Fluid Gel Range to be very easy to swallow, as we said it's liquid in consistency so there is no need to struggle to ingest it while exercising.

The flavours are formulated out of real fruit ingredients to be pleasantly palatable and not sickly sweet. The Energy Gel Range delivers a flavour explosion using real ingredients and perfected combinations.

Which one suits you? It really comes down to personal preference and what you are using it for. Many of our athletes use the Fluid Gel Range during higher intensity parts of their training/ racing or when it is harder to swallow i.e. running. The Energy Gel Range is popular over longer distances, times where hunger sets in or to combat flavour fatigue (feedback is they look forward to these as a tasty treat while exercising). Both also contain caffeinated and non-caffeinated flavours. Don't be afraid to mix and match during training and racing to discover which combination of Fluid and Energy Gel Ranges meets your fuelling needs and excites the taste buds. 

Comparison chart: 

  PURE Fluid Energy Gel PURE Energy Ge
Size: 50g 35g
  • Raspberry + caffeine
  • Lemon Lime + caffeine
  • Lemon Lime 
  • Mango 
  • Orange 
  • Apple & Cinnamon 
  • Espresso + caffeine
  • Orange Lemon Lime 
  • Manuka Honey 
  • Banana Manuka Honey 
Usage: Carbohydrate fuelling (pre/during exercise)
Carbohydrate fuelling (pre/during exercise)
CHO content: 24-26g per gel  21-23g per gel 
Energy content:  100-107 kcal  86-95 kcal


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